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ATB Productions

"Dancing Lotus" Oil and pastel on canvas 4'X6' (c) 2000

Representing the work of Artist, 
Actor and Musician:

ATB Productions is a multi-production company featuring the work of the multi-talented artist, musician, actor and performer; Andrew Thomas Bearce. Providing exceptional services in visual arts, music and performance.

Artist       Musician     Actor    Performer   
Andrew specializes in fine art decorative organic abstract oil and pastel paintings, as well as acrylics, watercolors, ink, graphite, and charcoal drawings, landscapes, portraits, fantasy art, murals, backdrops, 3-D props, decor-art, cartooning, caricatures, graphics, digital art and more.

Andrew performs as EMOTIVE, musical performances featuring vocals, saxophone leads, keyboards, guitars and percussion.

Andrew acts and entertains, performing for film, television, theatre and special events.

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Fine Art Portfolio Abstracts/Graphics/Illustration and more
Emotive  Musical Performances and Recording
Cartooning Portfolio Comic Book Archives
Sketchbook Drawings Sketches and Ideas from The Artist's Sketchbook
The Actor's Studio Acting and Performing Portfolio
Digital Art

FINE ART PAINTINGS - High quality decorative one-of-a-kind abstract oil and pastel paintings in Andrew's original unique style, for gallery exhibitions, private collections, and home or office display. Custom designed abstract paintings to match home or office decor available. Also providing landscapes, portraits and all representational forms of art in oils, acrylics, pastels and watercolors. Fine art instruction and workshops available by appointment. See Fine Art Portfolio.

FINE ART DRAWINGS - High quality drawings in graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, ink and pastel. Abstracts or representational. See Fine Art Portfolio.

ILLUSTRATIONS - For all needs, especially environmental and social-political themes. Art for a cause! See Portfolio.

CARTOONING - The very best in quality cartooning for all needs. Comics, character concepts, social and political cartoons, people and animals. Caricatures provided for special events and parties. Contact the artist for rates and options. See Cartooning Portfolio.

MURALS - Exceptional murals for all needs, outdoor or indoor. Many themes to choose from. ATB Productions provides you with the most professional murals available.

GRAPHICS - Logos and designs for all your professional needs. Decorative designs for home or office.

ART INSTRUCTION - Classes and workshops for organizations, groups and private clientele. Now offering landscape art instruction in Sedona. Learn to draw or paint from the many inspiring Sedona landscapes. Contact artist for rates and availability.

MUSICAL PERFORMANCES BY EMOTIVE - All original progressive rock and jazz performances for all venues and events, featuring the vocals and saxophone expertise of Andrew Thomas Bearce. CDs and individual song titles available for sale. See Emotive

RECORDING SERVICES - ATB Productions 'Purple Cave' Recording Studio provides sound tracks for film, commercials, radio spots, background music, back up music for musicians, rhythm tracks, sax leads, backing vocals, keyboards, piano and synthesizers, effects, voice overs, and percussion. Session player for your performance and/or recordings. Studio services, recording, mixing, engineering, mastering and studio instruction.

WHATS NEW? Andrew's latest art show at Jerona Cafe, Cottonwood, AZ, 3/20/09 featured the latest and greatest paintings. Read the Press Release in the 3/13 issue of Red Rock News, BELOW.

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