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The Sketchbook and Artist's Journal 


"Here is a peak at the raw creative process behind my paintings and illustrations. I have selected actual sketches from my numerous sketch books that are relevant to my current work, and plan to add much more from the past and present."



Sketch / Drawing  Concept for "Philosophy of Chemistry" or "Aesthetics of Chemistry" originally created for a science journal, now remains candidate for paintings in the future. More below.

"Inspiration was drawn (pun may be intended) from the atomic world and the dynamic changes that take place between chemical reactions. These are visual investigations of the imagination into the aesthetic and philosophy of chemistry.

These pieces were not selected for their original intended purpose, yet they remain available for commission to become completed paintings for anyone who may be interested. It is in the sketchbook and artist's journal that you will find those ideas not yet expressed to their fullest potential. Commissioning any one of these ideas supports the artist's further development and production in the studio. See more selected sketches below."


 "Aesthetics of Chemistry" continued. Sketches are not normally titled. For purposes of identity, these drawings are temporarily named as seen in bold type. Above: "Comp3" and "Comp2"

sketchimages0.jpg (43309 bytes)

"image 0"


sketchimages1.jpg (39645 bytes)

"image 1"

sketchimages2.jpg (25964 bytes)

"image 2"

distillation.jpg (51171 bytes)

"image 3"

grand_detail.jpg (218609 bytes)

detail of "Grand"

grand_detail2.jpg (185148 bytes)

detail of "Grand2"


"A temporary title for a large sketch/drawing in pencil. This piece was brought to a high level of completion as a drawing. It is only a sketch in the sense that it may lead to larger scale paintings in the future. So much is going on, I decided to provide details of a couple sections to see how they stand on their own. Several pieces could be developed from this single image. See details (Left)"



Coming soon