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Welcome to the return of quality, intensity and sincerity in the lost art of Rock'n'Roll.


Bringing you new twists on classic styles.

Progressive Rock, Jazz, Reggae, Rhythm and Blues, and Experimental

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Powerful vocals, scathing sax solos, intense, clever guitar and keyboard leads and rhythms make this a debut album you don't want to miss!
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EMOTIVE is an intense progressive rock solo act performance featuring Andrew Thomas Bearce's powerful vocals and scathing saxophone leads, along with rhythm and lead guitar, keyboards and percussion. Combining an eclectic collection of classic and progressive rock influences,  Andrew skillfully blends rock, jazz, reggae, funk and blues into a unique and positively Emotive experience. Chosen for its expressive meaning as it applies to the positive motivation, passion and emotion that is the foundation for the vision and creativity of Andrew's unique music and performances. EMOTIVE has a diverse sound that spans the boundaries of time and place.

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Northern Arizona University KJACK 1680 AM
Request Emotive: 928-523-4554 Webcast:

University of California/ Berkeley KALX 90.7 FM
Request Emotive: 510-642-KALX Email requests:

City College of San Francisco KCSF 90.9 FM/ 870 AM
Request Emotive: 415-239-3950

University of San Francisco KDNZ 88.1FM
Request Emotive: 415-422-5360

EMOTIVE on satellite radio networks SIRIUS and PULSE NOW
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All songs, instrumentation and lyrics written, performed and recorded by Andrew Thomas Bearce. Copyright 2006. More songs on the way. Debut CD release to be announced. Send all inqueries to ATB Productions


It all started when...

As a child, Andrew sang and played all the instruments he could get his hands on, including saxophone, piano, keyboards, drums and various percussion instruments. By high school, Andrew was participating in rock and jazz bands while polishing his techniques and earning awards for his outstanding saxophone performances. The unique creative direction of Andrew's musical talents truly began blossoming after forming a band known as Mean Majesty, during his college years at Pratt Institute School of art and Design in 1990. Andrew's progressive rock influence blended with the folk-rock influences of the two additional members. the trio consisted of Andrew's vocals, keyboards and sax leads, along with acoustic guitars, fiddle and various string instruments.
Mean Majesty, with it's unique sound and following of loyal fans, performed at many parties, events, bars and clubs in Brooklyn and Manhattan between 1990 and '91. After enjoying a taste of popularity and fanfare from an intense year of live performances, the members of the band soon graduated and went their separate ways.

Andrew graduated with a degree in Fine Arts, a minor in film, and a craving for more performing experiences. He continued performing solo or ensemble with several local acts. Drawing on all of his creative talents, he also began exploring acting for TV, film and theater. Growing tired of the New York grind, Andrew relocated to Florida, seeking opportunities as an artist, actor and musician, soon forming a new band with a more direct rock and roll approach and professionalism. The newly formed act; Arcane Substance, was soon playing local scenes and venues. Andrew was learning the ropes all over again. A solid relationship with two other musicians kept things going for several years. Their combined professional attitudes and creativity developed a rich collection of musical archives. andrew gained new experiences as lead vocalist, saxophone soloist, keyboardist and percussionist. With a bass and lead guitarist, Andrew hit the Florida scene with a new progressive rock sound that was becoming closer to the sound he had always envisioned. In the late 90's, Andrew decided on a new name that would capture the dynamic and expressive musical experience he was sharing with his fans. Thus the vision for Emotive was born, and before moving on to Arizona, Emotive enjoyed moments of modest fame in the bars, clubs, beaches and local radio shows of south Florida. Changes in additional members continued as the sound and vision progressed. The last ensemble version consisted of Michael Prisciantelli, Aybars Ocal, and Andrew Bearce. (below)

In April of 2001, Andrew made a bold move to Arizona in a Chevy van packed full of all his musical equipment, artwork, personal belongings, a mattress and a cat. The relocation brought the progressive rock sound of Emotive to the South West, where Andrew has single handedly recorded and produced brand new material for his debut CD, radio and internet broadcasts and new intense live performances. Emotive is now entirely performed, recorded and produced at ATB Productions Studio (aka The Purple Cave) owned and operated by the artist and his wife in Arizona. The scope of Andrew's extensive experience in art and acting has a dramatic influence on the music and performances, live or in the studio. Emotive is currently a solo act performance featuring the song writing, vocals, saxophone and all the instrumentation you can expect of Andrew Thomas Bearce, performing with occasional musical guests.
You are invited to hear and experience the explosive new sound of
coming soon to a venue near you!

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Andrew Thomas Bearce
Guitarist and

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ATB Productions also provides Fine Art Paintings, Graphics and Illustrations, in addition to sound tracks for TV, Film, Video/DVD, and Radio.  Visit ATB Productions for more information on Andrew's visual art and acting careers.

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