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Meet Ruff'N"Gruff, a mismatched pair of canines last seen meandering the uptown section of Sedona, Arizona. These two mutts enjoy discussing local controversial socio-political topics in public. Ruff'N'Gruff has enjoyed modest fame in Sedona news publications, including iSedona, and Verde Valley Times.


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Each panel is a separate cartoon. The first panel, top left, refers to the new round-abouts that replaced many intersections of Sedona and Village of Oak Creek, Arizona, 2008.


The second panel, above right, makes a statement about the housing crisis and local politics.


And finally, Ruff'N'Gruff make light of the 'dark skies' issue in Sedona.


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Many many years ago,

When Rock'N'Roll flourished,

legendary group of comic musicians ruled the air waves, the arenas, the sky and the road.

No, it's not Frank Zappa, Cheech and Chong, Spinal Tap, or The Freak Brothers...

Get ready for THE ZOWWIES


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